Lagos Chamber of Commerce & lndustry (LCCI) on yesterday called on the federal government for the reopening of the country’s land borders. LCCI President, Toki Mabogunje said there may the need to reopen the land Borders to give succor to food prices in the light of lower domestic food supply amid huge demand for food. She also canvassed the need for both the State and Federal government’s to promptly address the issue of food wastage, majorly responsible for the food supply gap experienced in the country. The LCCI boss also endorsed the move to adopt a cost reflective tariff regime in the Power sector. She said: “ We note the push back from the labour unions on this policy. We believe that if the sector must attract investment and ensure an improvement in power supply, the cost reflective tariff regime is inevitable. If the economies of the investment is not right, investors will not inject capital into the sector”.

She however, advised on safeguards to protect consumers from exploitation and urged a comprehensive metering of consumers adding that there should be value for money. Mabogunje hailed the Solar Home Initiative aimed at expanding energy access to 25 million individuals through the provision of solar homes systems or connection to a mini grid.