The Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate has extended its plan to expunge the names of 23,089 pensioners on the payroll of the Federal Government till the end of October this year.


The decision by PTAD, a parastatal of the Ministry of Finance, was said to be in tandem with the demands of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners.


PTAD had in a letter written to the NUP in early August informed the union of its decision to remove the names of parastatal pensioners that did not undergo verification from the government pension payroll.



The General Secretary of NUP, Elder Actor Zal, had expressed shock at the staggering figure of 23,089 pensioners about to be yanked off from the payroll for various reasons.


He had called for more awareness and extension of time to ensure that their facts and records were correct.


Zal said on Monday that PTAD had agreed to extend the time from August to October.


He said, “PTAD extended the time to the end of October, after which it would remove the names from the payroll.”



The NUP called on pensioners at home and abroad to check their records and put it right with PTAD, using all the available channels provided.


He commended the Federal Government for the recent release of money to pay the Nigerian Airways pensioners.

This will definitely go a long way to help the pensioners and their family in the face of the very hard economic situation in the country,” NUP stated.