Popular singer and fashion designer, Rihanna says she has heard frightening stories about postpartum depression.

The singer’s pregnancy for Asap Rocky became public knowledge in January, about eight months after the rapper had confirmed they were in a relationship.

The Barbadian star, in a recent Vogue feature, said she doesn’t know what to expect when she puts to bed.

“I’m praying my body allows me to [breastfeed],” the singer said, adding that: “Postpartum depression. Will I feel out of control emotionally? Those are the stories I hear from other women that scare me.”

The singer also questioned the society-imposed norm of getting married before childbirth.

Rihanna said she had always thought that marriage would come before pregnancy for her.

On her ideal place for childbirth, Rihanna commented: “Rocky asked me recently if I had a dream place, where would it be? I told him home, Barbados. I always imagined it being that way. But realistically it probably won’t be.”

Source: Alao Abiodun