A house parent in Dowen College, Lagos, Omobola Kayode, yesterday, refuted claims that the late 12-year-old student of the College, Sylvester Oromoni Junior got injured, while playing football.


Kayode, who trained as a nurse in Ukraine, testified before a Lagos coroner inquest to unravel the cause of Oromoni’s death.  

The witness, who joined the school on November 7, 2021, told Coroner Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, that she massaged the deceased’s right thigh twice.


She told the court that the deceased told her that he had pain and muscle pull when he wanted to pick his bible that fell from the bed.

The house parent told the court that she massaged the deceased’s right thigh on the instruction of the school doctor. She said:

“After massaging the deceased ‘s right thigh with deep heat, I administered Paracetamol. So he slept in the sick bay, before he went back to his room. He had attended class in the morning.”

I did a follow up on him at the hostel.

“I stay in the female hostel. I went to the hostel to tell the housemaster. It was the second time I rubbed his thigh with deep heat. I did not observe any scalp lips. After that day, I met him at the sick bay with the doctor.

“I did not have any interaction with the deceased again until I had to dress him up for his parents to pick him up.”

 Asked at what point the doctor call the parent, she said, it was at the first complaint that the doctor called the parent.


She added that it is the school policy that if there is an emergency, they call the parent before referring or taking the student to Lifeline Hospital (School registered hospital).


The nurse further said that the standard emergency is activated if there is an asthma attack and bleeding.

When the witness was further cross-examined by the counsel representing the Oromoni family, Mr. George Efoli Kayode, she claimed that the medical record of the deceased was taken by police during investigation and there was no duplicate. The Coroner Magistrate has adjourned further hearing till March 21, 2022.


Source: Yetunde Ayobami-ojo