In recent weeks, governors across the United States, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even President Joe Biden have all offered a new, hopeful message about the pandemic: “Covid-19 need no longer control our lives.”

That’s how Biden put it in his State of the Union speech March 1, in front of a nearly maskless House chamber.


“It’s time for Americans to get back to work and fill our great downtowns again. People working from home can feel safe to begin to return to the office,” he said.


The day before Biden’s address, California, Oregon and Washington announced that school mask mandates would lift this Saturday, and many cities, including New York and Minneapolis, have recently ended proof-of-vaccination requirements. Then on Thursday, the CDC released data showing that, according to its new safety criteria — which is based primarily on Covid hospitalization rates and local hospital capacity — more than 90 percent of people in the U.S. no longer need to wear masks.


Source: NBC News