Over a million Nigerian women from different walks of life were out today to protest against rejected gender bills in the National Assembly.

They will also be protesting against the denial of citizenship to the foreign-born husband of a Nigerian woman, women’s inability to take indigeneship of their husband’s state after five years of being together, denial of 35 per cent appointed positions, party administration and leadership, as well as, rejection of specific seats for women in the National Assembly.


In view of the International Women’s Day celebrated annually every March 8, it has been themed with the hashtags #breakingthebias, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”


The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, in his message, lamented that women and girls have frequently borne the brunt of the consequences of the COVID-19 virus spreading worldwide, resulting in women doing the vast majority of the world’s unpaid but essential care work.


To remedy the situation, Guterres called for guaranteed quality education for every girl, massive investments in women’s training and decent work, effective action to end gender-based violence, and universal health care.


Source: The Guardian