Three prisoners reportedly killed a fellow inmate by stabbing him in the neck and cutting his heart out with a sharpened toothbrush before hacking off his penis and stuffing it in his mouth.

Alex Sandro de Souze Mota, 30, was serving time for raping his 5-year-old stepdaughter.

However, on August 18, he was found dead by prison guards on the floor of his cell with his heart removed and his penis stuffed in his mouth.

The mauled corpse was discovered at Peco prison in the city of Cruzeiro do Oeste in the Brazilian state of Parana.




The victim's heart was reportedly chopped out and put in a plastic container and his penis was removed and placed in his mouth.


The suspects then allegedly cleaned up the cell hoping that forensics would not be able to pin the crime on them.




The body was sent for autopsy and the investigation is ongoing.


An arrest warrant for murder has been issued against the three suspects.