A Nigerian man accused of being a member of an international syndicate committing online fraud, has been arrested in Lahore, Pakistan.

According to the Additional Director FIA Cyber Crimes Wing, Shahid Hassan, the Nigerian national identified as Darlington Chimo Osuji, was arrested for allegedly defrauding people by posing as a female online. 

"The accused person is involved in financial fraud by impersonating himself as a lady who would send parcel of dollars to his targets" he said

According to Hassan, after luring the victims through various tricks, the accused would demand a handsome amount and would later escape with all the money collected from the victims.

"Following an enquiry No. 360/2020, we have arrested him and an FIR 76/2021 has been registered.” said Hassan. 

The senior FIA official further told Bol News that earlier he had arrested three Nigerian nationals for their involvement in online frauds in Islamabad.

"The gang had collected millions of rupees from the affected people in various cities of Pakistan in the name of online investments, etc," he said, adding that the FIA would take strict actions against all the accused involved in such online fraud.