As the action in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season is now in full swing, fans begin to predict love triangles among the housemates.

Love triangle refers to a relationship involving three persons. It implies that each of the three people has some kind of romantic relationship with the other two.

The fans took to Twitter to give their predictions, based on the actions of the housemates and their revelations during the first diary session held on Monday.

The recent cuddling situation between Angel and Sammie also sparked love traingle predictions from fans.

A tweep, @emekamba01, said, “Sammie is doing well in this house. Baba done dey form love triangle in day two.”

Another tweep, @oluwabhayor, tweeted, “Sammy wants Angel while Saskay wants Sammy. Wahala for shine ya eye.”

Referring to the diary session, @mule_the heiress said, “Sammy said he is vibing with Angel. Saskay said she is vibing with Sammy. Potential love triangles #Diarysession.”

@muna_lovs wrote, “Peace said Sammy is interested in her too? Sorry sis, Angel has taken over.

Asides the Angel-Sammy saga, these are other predictions from fans concerning potential love traingles among the housemates:

“Love triangle Boma, Jackie B and Angel. I said it first”, @kaee84 tweeted.

@onyekachiki wrote, “There will be a love triangle between Cross, Maria, and White Lion.”

“Yousef, Maria and Nini; they better end up in a love triangle,” @leeannep10 said.

In agreement, @Dj_synergy, wrote, “Maria, Nini and Yousef… the love triangle is complete. Zeeworld way”

“Yousef will be in a love triangle. He’s a bad boy,” @fummybae tweeted.

“Saga will end up in a love triangle,” @pagnaah predicted