England supporters react after England lose the penalty shoot-out after watching the UEFA EURO 2020 final football match between England and Italy at the fan zone in central London on Sunday. 

The England team has said that football isn’t all about trophies, after its loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 finals.

The team made this known in a statement via its official Instagram page on Monday, after the Italian team came out victorious in the final Sunday match.

The statement read, “Football. It’s not just about trophies, and how we’re still waiting. It’s not about the goals we scored, or the ones we didn’t. It’s about the journeys we’ve taken, from our roots to the top. It’s the friends we’ve made, the people we represent and standing alongside them when times become hard. It’s being together. Football is family. It’s community. It’s unity. It’s home.”

Alongside the statement, the team also noted that they have made some history, even if they failed to achieve their dream.

“We made some history, but couldn’t achieve the one thing we’re all dreaming of. But football is about more than trophies, and we’ve seen that all summer. Coming home? Perhaps it was here all along,” England’s official Instagram wrote.

Italy inflicted more penalty heartache on England to win Sunday’s Euro 2020 final 3-2 in a shoot-out, Bukayo Saka missing the decisive kick to deny the hosts after the game at Wembley had ended in a draining 1-1 draw through extra time