The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai is currently under fire on social media for ordering the arrest of the members of the Nigeria Labour Congress, as a result of the ongoing strike in the state.

It had earlier been reported that El-Rufai declared the NLC Chairman, Ayuba Wabba, wanted for “economic sabotage”, stating that the members of the Congress were behaving like bandits.

But Wabba, who led workers in the state to protest the sacking of over 60,000 civil servants by the El-Rufai-led administration, dared the governor to come and arrest him.

Some Nigerians on Twitter have expressed their displeasure over the order made by the governor.

A Twitter user with the handle, @AbdulKadiirrr said, “You must really have a strong relationship with bandits to tell how they behave.”

@gani_jonathan also tweeted, “You have no right to declare anybody wanted sir, that’s the job of law enforcement agencies.”

“So it is now a crime for the NLC to go on strike or protest,” @temithanks22 wondered

Some Nigerians related the present order by the governor to the recent cases of kidnapping and banditry in the state.

A user with the handle @rosewater57 tweeted, “The governor should give NLC the same treatment he gives bandits in the state, which is to ‘accommodate them as brothers’. Has he declared any bandits wanted?

“Has he arrested anyone for all the killings going on in his state? Has he arrested any kidnappers? the user asked.

“You didn’t place ransom on the heads of kidnappers nor agree to pay ransom to release Kidnapped Students, but has quickly placed a bounty on those fighting for the masses, tweeted @davidharts2

@okorocollins11 tweeted, “How I wish you apply this same energy on killer herdsmen and bandits that are killing the good innocent people of Southern Kaduna.”

“So you can pay a reward for this one and not kidnapped School children, you call it a political protest because you sighted some opposition party members. Are the opposition party members not citizens too? You should be looking for ways to dialogue, not this,” tweeted @ramsonyorbe.

@c_omailey said in a tweet, “This is a reflection of democratic decadence in our society. I see no justification on why you need to arrest Ayuba Wabba..Peaceful protest as enshrined in our constitution is a fundamental human right and not a crime.”