The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has assured Nigerians that the government will take every necessary action to protect the citizens from COVID-19.

Speaking with our correspondent on Thursday, General Manager, Public Relations, NCAA, Mr Samuel Adurogboye, said India which had recently turned the hotbed for COVID-19 did not pose a threat to Nigerians.

He said at the moment, there was no direct flight between Nigeria and India.

However, if there was a need to ban flights and passengers who had contacts with India over COVID-19, the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 would give directive, Adurogboye said.

Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Kuwait, Iran, the United Kingdom, the United States, and of recent, Kenya had joined other countries in suspending flights from India.

He said, “Nigeria is doing more than any country in the world.

“We are the first country to send out some circulars on the management of Covid-19.’’

The John Hopkins University data showed that there were over 18 million cases of in India and over 250,000 deaths from COVID-19.

There are over 135 companies in Nigeria owned by the Indians or persons of Indian heritage in Nigeria.

Air India, a prominent airline in India, with over 70 international flights, through its social media platform, has encouraged passengers to stay indoors, and stay safe.