THE people of Ogbe-Odogwu community in Aniocha South Local Government Area, Delta State, have petitioned the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Ali over looming land dispute and urged him to urgently intervene in the case of the alleged threat to life, assault, intimidation and oppression of Mr Patrick Ineh by one Gabriel Ohai, Dumebi Ohai, Emeke Dike and others to avoid a breach of peace in the community. 

The community in a petition written by its Solicitors, S.O Ibhayehor & Co, signed by S.O Ibhayehor addressed to the Police Commissioner, said; “our client as a community in Ogwashi-Uku has a large farmland which they rented to tenants i.e. tenants farmers, under the control of the head camp known as ‘Okwabani”.

The community in the petition alleged that Gabriel Ohai, Dumebi Ohai, Emeke Dike and others attacked the camp head, Mr Patrick Ineh with cutlasses, cains and other dangerous weapons.

Alleging that they descended on Mr Patrick Ineh without asking him of anything with the weapons, fist blows and slaps, the community in the petition stated that “when he tried asking them his offence, they shouted him down, bundled him and flogged him from his house to Gabriel Ohai’s poultry house/settlement, seized his hydraulic jack and cassava engine winder”.

The community further alleged in the petition that Mr Patrick Ineh both legs and hands were tied with his face downwards, adding that N40,000 was demanded from him by Gabriel Ohai, Dumebi Ohai, Emeke Dike and others as land rent where he mounted his cassava engine.

“When he told them he does not have money, they then flogged him over 320 strokes of cain and urinated on him. They later turned his face up, asked him to open his mouth after severe beating and started urinating in his mouth turn by turn. They then let him go and threatened him to either pay or vacate the camp as they will kill him and use his blood to acquire power from their cult’s shrine”, the people alleged.

Saying that the matter was reported at the Ogwashi-Uku Police Station, the community alleged that rather than arrest Mr Gabriel Ohai and his cohorts, Mr Patrick Ineh was arrested and detained with his injuries unattended to.

The people said it was community heads who later took Mr Patrick Ineh on bail “while Gabriel Ohai, Dumebi Ohai, Emeke Dike and others that assaulted and inhumanly maltreated Mr Patrick Ineh walk around free of arrest and prosecution.”

To this end, they called on the State Commissioner of Police to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book. As at the time of filing this report, the effort was still being made to reach the accused party for comments on the matter.