The proprietor of Ottasolo FC, Gabriel Davies, says the club, who are in the amateur ranks, have begun a public empowerment project.

Davies, a former Super Stores player who has an empowerment programme for former footballers, said he extended the project to the public because of the harsh economic conditions in the country.

“Things are generally tough in the country and because we all feel it, not only footballers, we decided to extend the empowerment programme to the public,” Davies said.

He promised that the new club would take the football scene by storm in Nigeria.

Davies said Ottasolo would be administered like a professional outfit even though the team just registered for the Nigeria National League amateur division.

He added, “We sat down to plan all the logistics of running the club and that was why we made an impact in our first tournament, the Wike Pre Season tourney in Port Harcourt.

“There are experts in every area to manage the team. We are here to stay and not eager for results because our target is to do the right things.

“One other interesting area is the business aspect of football. As young as we are, we are very deep in this already.  Seven of our top players are now in various teams in the NPFL and that is just the beginning.

“Our players share the vision of the club and we are positive that gradually, we will make a huge impact on the domestic football scene.”