The United Kingdom-based Itsekiri Congress UK, ICUK, has warned against any pact that would lead to the permanent ceding of chairmanship of Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State to Egbema Ijaw.

In a statement by Dede Ukuti, President and Mr Sheyi Mackson Ejejigbe, Public Relations Officer, the group condemned the alleged proposal that the Itsekiri should, out of political exigency, cede the chairmanship of the council to Egbema Ijaw, which would in turn support their aspiration for the Senate seat.

According to the group, “Giving away the chairmanship of Warri North is short-sightedness in negotiation, which should not be carried forward.’’

It advised Itsekiri representatives that any such future proposal that would have a direct impact on the Itsekiri ethnic nationality should only be considered after a wider consultation and consensus by the people.

ICUK said it was against negotiations by a few individuals, who may have other objectives to agreeing to such proposal.

The group said: ‘’While we recognise the need for peaceful co-existence between Itsekiri and its minority neighbours, ICUK will not countenance the bargaining away of what rightly belongs to the Itsekiri to satisfy the whims and caprices of some unconscionable political players.

“We recognise that Warri North is a council in the heartland of the Itsekiri, so ICUK will join other well-meaning Itsekiri individuals or groups to resist any attempt to trade away our collective future for a piece of individualistic porridge.”

The group noted that the Itsekiri had always been at the helm of affairs since the council was created because it had the majority population registered to vote in these communities.

It added “Democracy is a game of numbers, so if we have the numbers in our own community, why should we then apologise for having the right to continue to represent our people?”