A 17-year-old girl was killed by a car that crashed into her house while she attended virtual school.

Aramis Mora, from Laredo in Texas, the US, was using a computer in her bedroom on Monday night, December 14, when a truck ploughed into the house.

Authorities believe the driver suffered a medical emergency before the tragic accident, KGNS reports.

The driver and the teen were afterwards airlifted to hospital with serious injuries.

Aramis, who attended Greenville High School, was an “excellent student” and had a “sweet, calm spirit”.

Her brother Gustavo was taking a nap in the next room before the chaos unfolded.

He told CBS DFW: “She was hardworking. She was really, really smart. She was in the honor society.”

He added: “And when I found her, I checked her heartbeat. She wasn’t breathing any more.”

Aramis’ sister Thelma said: “I know she was happy. I know she had everything she wanted, but she deserved more.

“She deserved to live more. And it’s not fair.”