A coalition of 102 civil society organisations said on Sunday that the rescue of Philip Nathan Watson, an American by U.S. Navy SEAL Team shows that the Service Chiefs have outlived their purpose in the nation’s security architecture.


A statement by the National Coordinator of Civil Society for Peace and Good Governance (COSOGOG), Dr Ibrahim Gadzama and National Secretary, Gboyega Fayemi, the coalition appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari not only to immediately sack the Service Chiefs but also restructure the entire security architecture of the country for efficiency.


The group stated that given the development, President Buhari must take immediate action by sacking the Service Chiefs.


“We call for immediate action against those entrusted with the security of our nation. All the service chiefs must be sacked and replaced with committed younger generals before it is too late.


“We know that in a matter of days, we may begin to get some cosmetic responses from our security forces justifying the raid or giving excuses for their failure, but the obvious fact is that this raid by America Navy Seal has further confirmed our position that our security chiefs are not on top of their game and need to go home.”