THE major opposition party in Delta State, All Progressives Congress, APC, seems to be in disarray. It ought naught to be so. For now, the APC in Delta State lacks vibrancy and cohesion.

True enough, they are in control of the Federal Government as the ruling party, but their presence in Delta State is not been felt. They have been factionalised. As the popular saying goes “A house divided amongst itself cannot stand.” It is this too many factions that are distorting the unity of the All Progressive Congress in Delta State.

The inability of the APC party to rally around a common leader is the bane of their problems all these sundry years. Deltans are generally tired of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

They have been in power in Delta State since the inception of the 4th Republic without commensurate structures on ground. It is quite sad and appalling that Delta State, being one of the major oil-producing states of the country, stands as a huge joke to its contemporaries as regards administration, infrastructure and social amenities. Its time for the alternative.

Deltans cannot know how far they have been misruled, mismanaged and robbed of its natural endowments until they inevitably seek another alternative political platform. The closest alternative political platform is the All Progressive Congress, APC.

Is the APC ready to wrestle power from the PDP in Delta State in 2023? This is the million-dollar question that is agitating the minds of concerned citizens in Delta State. It cannot be business as usual for the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. The time for change is at hand.

The PDP days are numbered. That is, if the All Progressives Congress, APC can put their house in order before the election of 2023. According to the unwritten constitution of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Delta Central Senatorial district is expected to produce the next governorship candidate for the election in 2023. There is nothing wrong for the All Progressives Congress, APC to align their thoughts towards this direction.

The candidature of Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru should not be ruled out despite the fact that he had contested several times and lost out. The obvious fact that Chief Great Ogboru is a very popular man in Delta State should not be lost on anybody. There should be no rancor about the personality of Chief Ogboru.

This is not the time to lay blames on anybody in the past. Nobody believed the All Progressives Congress, APC would wrestle power from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in the centre having ruled since the inception of the 4th Republic until 2015, when the inevitable happened.

It can as well happen in Delta State in 2023. All that is candidly needed is for the likes of my much-admired and respected friends, Otega Emehor, Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege and others to sheathe their swords and bury their differences for the overall interest of the party. One believes this sacrifice is not too much for them to make.

Great Ogboru has all the paraphernalia and structures in place which would be reignited seamlessly in 2023. In quoting the holy scriptures, it tells us in Proverbs 24:16 “For though the righteous fall seven times, then shall rise again.”

It will be a futile mistake for the All Progressives Congress, APC to field another candidate in 2023 thereby starting all over again. Great Ogboru will surely rise again.

It is not how many times one fails that determines success but it is the innate ability to rise again. It is said that great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination. Great Ogboru is a lionheart. His passion to see the downtrodden elevated knows no bound. This time around, stumbling blocks would be turned into stepping stones.

Chief Ogboru has a very strong desire to serve humanity in Delta State, that is probably why he has been gunning for the top spot in the state to actualise his dreams, that of seeing Delta indigenes free from the shackles of abject poverty to prosperity. All the obstacles and struggles all this while to attain his dreams are just merely part of life.

Those close to Ogboru know too well that the man is a dogged fighter, one that never gives up on his dreams and aspirations so easily.

Chief Great Ogboru has been known as a business manager, an administrator and a very successful industrialist. Also, for his creativity and innovation.

During the last political dispensation, he promised that funds would be allocated directly to local government, and the people would decide what and how to utilise the funds for speedy transformation of their areas.

All that is required of the APC in Delta State is to mend fences and be united in purpose. Victory, I dare say, is on the way.