Egbebo, who is leader, Catholic Diocese of Bomadi, Delta state,, declared his endorsement, Monday, noted that if nothing was done quick enough, the country would disintegrate.

He said, “the young people have finally come out to say enough is enough to the killing of their destinies, and this movement is highly endorsed by the Catholic bishops.

“Every right-thinking Nigerian should endorse this movement, people we elected in positions of leadership are ruining this country. We cannot stay with this rottenness anymore.

“You say that, this is the only country we have and all your investments are abroad, then who is fooling who? Our political leaders have been brutal to us by taking away our common wealth.

“The time has come for us to rework this country so we’ll not collapse into nothingness. We also advised the government not to launch any Crocodile whatever as many Nigerians are yet to join the protest.

“If Muhammadu Buhari would come out and plead for time so that they can sit down and rework this country, that, I think is the only way forward”.