Bobrisky has taken a walk back memory lane as he recounted how far he has come in life's struggle. 

The crossdresser who revealed that people have judged him, insulted him and also looked down on him, stated that he vowed never to be poor after going through a hard time 5 years ago. 

Bobrisky further disclosed that after he started making, some people alleged that he sleeps with politicians while others said he uses charms. 

He wrote; 


I'm glad I was able to treat money fuckup! 5 yrs ago life throw hardship at me, I said to myself I refuse to be poor! I started working hard, a lot said different things to me. When I now started making money, some people say I fuck politicians, some say I do jazz etc. I'm now d Bobrisky that gives 1million to people like water. Money you are a bastard!!!! I'm glad I treat ur fuck up. Guys never let poverty win. 

People have judge me, insult me, looked down on me. but I still look fresher and richer than a lot of them. Chai see life. D only one person that has d right to judge us is our creator GOD. So may all d assistant Jesus Christ on earth sit down first


When I started making money, people were saying I sleep with politicians and I use charms - Bobrisky